Loop variable does not contain a valid formatted real number

Dear David,

Really thanks for your kindly reply.
As you suggested, I set up a “GAMAE” variable with the #define FLUKA #preprocessor as the particle energy referred to the slide 32 from the “Simple sources and preprocessor” slides, and then use the Loop function on the Flair’s Run tab to create simulations with 36energies.
But there is always error as attached below:

Do you know what caused this kind error?
I also attached my input file here.
LaBr3effcali.inp (2.5 KB)
LaBr3effcali.flair (6.7 KB)
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Dear @zhuang,

I had a look at your flair file and I have notice that for some of your inputs, the GAMAE variable is set with what I think are precision issues.
For the input “LaBr3effcali-1” it is set as “0.0001” and for “LaBr3effcali-2” it is set at “0.0002” but for the case “LaBr3effcali-3” it values “0.00030000000000000003”.
This is the case also for several other cases.

Dear Zhen,

it seems to me that you are trying to run the default <LaBr3effcali> simulation. This doesn’t have a value for GAMAE specified. You need to run the generated LaBr3effcali-xx simulations instead.

One more thing: If you want to set energy, you need to specify negative values for the variable. Positive values mean momentum. While this is not an issue for photons, for other particles it creates a difference.


Dear amario,

Thank you for your reminder! I have reset the values by hand, now It works.
But I don’t know why these occur, because they were automatically produced by Loop function on the Flair Run tab with the sets of Start value=1e-4, End value=29e-4, and Step=1e-4.

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Dear David,

Thanks for your reminder, I specify negative value for the variable, then I can select the WHAT(1) as “Energy”, It’s really help for me.
Now everything works.

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