Low energy protons

I want to investigate isotope yields from different material targets, which irradiated by 18 MeV proton beam. Is there any specific card for low-energy protons which is necessary to be added ?

Dear @sergey.a,

You can set the transport threshold for protons using the PART-THR card.
You can find very useful details regarding the card and the default thresholds for various particles in the following presentation: https://indico.cern.ch/event/1123370/contributions/4716026/attachments/2446124/4191569/09_EM_transport_thresholds_2022_ULB.pdf

Here everywhere said only about heavy particle bremsstrahlung 7.22.12. DEFAULTS — FLUKA Manual. Is tht mean that if I set value of DEFAULTS card to PRECISIO then bremsstrahlung radiation of electron is not taken into account ?

On the contrary, bremsstrahlung radiation from electrons is always taken into account, unless for the few discouraged DEFAULTS types automatically setting EMF off.

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