LOW-MAT card for 251Cf

Dear Experts,

How to set LOW-MAT card for 251Cf ?
Without this, simulation is showing error “Low energy neutron xsec not found for some media, Cf251”.

If it is not available, how to bypass this error ?
Note: For other media, LOW-MAT cards are available. So, only 251Cf it is not available and production Xsec of n in 251Cf is also not much important for my simulation.

Dear @ArghyaC,

In the manual, you can find the list of materials for which cross sections are available, and unfortunately, 251Cf is not (yet) amongst them.

One way to by-pass your error from a technical point of view is to assign a dummy material from the FLUKA manual to 251Cf, but you should pay great attention in choosing an existing material that should ideally be very similar to 251Cf. However, even a difference of one nucleon can yield drastically different results.

The closest/heaviest element that is available is 243Am, which nevertheless has quite a different non-elastic cross section as per the TENDL suggestion below.

Let me know if this solution is acceptable on your side.