Make: fff: 119: [[: not found

Dear developers,

When I compile FLUKA, with make, I notice in the output about fff

/home/weipengyao/FLUKA/flutil/fff -N usbsuw.f
/home/weipengyao/FLUKA/flutil/fff: 119: [[: not found
/home/weipengyao/FLUKA/flutil/fff -N usrsuw.f
/home/weipengyao/FLUKA/flutil/fff: 119: [[: not found
/home/weipengyao/FLUKA/flutil/fff -N usrsuwev.f
/home/weipengyao/FLUKA/flutil/fff: 119: [[: not found

And it’s not just the above *.f files, but many other *.f files, if not everyone in the flutil directory.

Any idea about how to solve this problem?

I need to mention that the ‘standard’ version of FLUKA compiles and runs fine on my Linux Ubuntu 20.10 laptop.
But this problem happens when I re-use my colleague’s customized version with some additional modules.
Strangely, the same code compiles and runs fine with his PC, but not with mine.

Many thanks,

Dear YAO,

it seems you are using a different FLUKA version. We can only provide support for the one published on this website: Download | The official CERN FLUKA website

This version should not have this issue.


Dear David,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, that version doesn’t have this issue.
And if anyone here also encounter this issue, it can be solved by changing the first line of fff from #!/bin/sh into #!/bin/bash.

Many thanks!