Dear FLUKA team,
I vaguely recall (perhaps from the release notes) that the maximum number of irradiation interval limit was removed/changed. The manual says “several” cards can be combined.
I was wondering if there is an upper limit on the irradiation profile and decay times that I can ask.
Also, is there one file that has all the release notes ?

When I am defining 7 IRRPROFILE cards, FLAIR (3.3-0.1) is highlighting some of these cards in red in no particular order.

Many thanks

Dear Sunil,

the current limit in irradiation intervals in FLUKA is 2500 (~833 IRRPROFI cards). For cooling times the limit is 1500 (250 DCYTIMES cards).

I was trying to reproduce the issue in Flair, but I didn’t get any error even after adding ~100 IRRPROFI cards.

Could you send a minimal Flair project file where the problem appears? Thanks.