Maybe a bug in flair 3.2.0

after installing fluka 4.3.0 and 3.2.0, i tried a simple case, the cycles and primaries could no be shown rightly.

The same problem occured on two computer, anybody else have the problem too?

Hi @Newconcept_1979, for me it works ok, could you provide your flair file to check.

here is the flair file:
CoaEvo.flair (2.1 KB)
it seems when the number of events is 1E+6, the cycles and primaries are shown well,
but when the number of events is 1E+8, the cycles and primaries can not be shown well,
all the two cases, the resullt files are ok.

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Thank you @Newconcept_1979
indeed this revealed a bug in a time formatting inside flair that was stopping the display of the progress.
Now it is fixed, and will be available in the flair respin in a couple of days with a few other small bugs fixes


Hello Vasilis,
I’ve attached a pic of the same issue on the Win10 WSL console
image. I’m simulating 9E+9 particles and can’t see the run progression. Thanks.