MCNP import no response

I am trying to import a simple mcnp input file to flair. it gives nothing. not even an error.
I used input > import > mcnp.

Are you selecting ‘Fluka’ from the pull down menu option visible just above the import option?
I think the default is set to PHITS, that is, flair will try to import mcnp input to phits which is not implemented. Also, check the output terminal to see what error messages you see.
In the current flair version you also have to remove any comment cards.

1- I just choose the input> import> MCNP, then I choose the mcnp input file “W1.txt is attached”.
The output file shows nothing at all. as if you have not uploaded any file.

2- I then changed the surface card SPH to So, as shown in W2.txt, it uploads, but gave error as shown.
w1.txt (172 Bytes)
w2.txt (152 Bytes)

Dear @amgad.mohamed
unfortunately there is a bug in the conversion from mcnp. We will in the coming days a fix for that

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@vasilis, That is great to know. Waiting for update.
Thank you!

Hi @amgad.mohamed
please download the new flair version we just uploaded that fixes the problem

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@vasilis, could you please try import this simple mcnp input file. I guess the problem still exists for me.
w1.txt (168 Bytes)

It fails because the “SPH” needs 4 values
x y z R
you provided only one the x

Thanks for the example. We should add a proper message in flair for such an error

Yes, Thanks for the information.