Meaning and usage of USRBIN

Tell please what is the sense of binning in USRBIN card ? How can I specify the kind of particle which energy deposition in detector I want calculate ? And how can I specify the detector in which I want calculate the energy deposition of specified particle ?

Dear @sergey.amirkhanyan,

Generally speaking, the USRBIN allows you to define a mesh over a portion of you geometry and to score a specific quantity in each cell of the mesh.
There are different types of mesh, e.g. Cartesian or cylindrical.
You can specify the dimension of the mesh and the number of bins. By specifying the position and dimensions, you might make it overlap to whichever object in your element.
You can as well specify which quantity you want to score, e.g. fluence of a given particle type, energy deposited, or dose.
Then there are also the so-called USRBIN per region scorings, that allow to score a quantity over an entire region.
Please, for more details, have a look at the manual: or at the slides from an old course:

As per specifying a type of particle for the energy deposition, please keep in mind the considerations made in this post Calculate secondary dose contribution about the meaningfulness of this approach.

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