MGNCREAT; Abort called from MFDCR

I am trying to understand how to use MGNCREATe (v- 4-2.1) card to define a quadrupole magnetic field, and I use this card along with the MGNFIELD card. The geometry consists of just vacuum. I have an arbitrary name (chk1) for the SDUM in the in the MGNCREAT card and I can select that in the MGNFIELD card. This produces an error,
ERROR: Unknown field specified chk1
Abort called from MFDCR reason Unknown field specified Run stopped!
STOP Unknown field specified

What am I missing here?
many thanks for all the help.

Dear @sunil ,

could you share your input?

Cheers Luigi

Dear Luigi, Here it is. Ciao.
testmag.flair (2.0 KB)

Dear @sunil

thanks for sharing the input and for raising the issue.

Please find the flair project with a couple of modifications to make it work.

  1. Inversion of the order of the MGNFIELD and MGNCREAT card
  2. Removal of the fields Nx, Xmin, Xmax, Ny, Ymin, Ymax which would require the definition of the nodes of a map.

mgncreat.flair (2.1 KB)

We will make a fix for both issue in the next release.
Cheers Luigi