Microdosimetry with thermal neutrons

Hi FLUKA experts,
I need a hand to understand what I’m doing wrong using the DETECT card.
My goal is to obtain a microdosimetric spectrum generated by thermal neutrons. These impacting on a small plate containing 10B should generate alpha particles and 7Li.

Despite, I think I have set all the correct threshold for electrons and gamma, I get a “strange” spectrum. I don’t have a reference to say that the results I get are wrong, but if I procees with data processing on MATLAB I am not.

Could you tall me if I’m doing something wrong with the input or if the problem is related to data processing?

Thanks in advance
10^7 primaries.pdf (11.6 KB)
WLTEPC.2.3_03_01_01.inp (12.3 KB)
WLTEPC.2.3_03_01_01.flair (10.6 KB)

Dear @il_rechle,

Are you sure of your use of the LOW-MAT cards? It seems to me that you have multiple associations of low energy neutron cross sections which overwrite one another leaving only the last one, i.e. assigning copper cross section to hydrogen.

Overall, I would suggest to use the pointwise low energy neutron cross sections. Have a look at the manual, or at the slides from the last advanced course or the last beginner course, or search on this forum.

Thanks, now I try to understand something more.
Unfortunately I am not an expert in FLUKA and in these simulations

Things should be explained in a clear way in the neutronics slides from the beginner course.
Have a look at these and feel free to ask again on the forum in case something isn’t clear.