Dear FLUKA experts,

(I had posted about what follows as a reply to my own post about another issue. However, since I’m not able to change the title of that post, I’m opening a new one with a more relevant title. I hope this does not violates the forum rules.)

I’ve written a Flair project to simulate a 3 MeV electron beam (Gaussian cross section with sigma = 1 mm) propagating through a 6 mm diameter hole in a Cu screen (to roughly replicate the exit of a linac) and then through a 50 um thick Ti window. Then the beam propagates for a certain distance in air (some centimeters). I would like to detect its energy spectrum and its fluence cross section. I’ve defined USRBDX and USRBIN detectors for that and I get reasonable results for the energy spectrum and the fluence (BEAMPART) profiles along x and y. However, the z-projected 2D plotting of BEAMPART belonging to the same USRBIN of the working x and y profiles gives a PLOTGEOM.STORE missing file error. Can you please help? Please find below the project files.

Thank you in advance,

ele3MeV Gaussiana troncata.flair (4.2 KB)
ele3MeV Gaussiana troncata.inp (2.4 KB)

Dear Enrico,
actually, you have a very minor technical FLAIR plot problem. FLAIR is trying to append geometry into the plot (region boarders). When you are plotting a very small area, that contains no borders of regions its unable to do that and claims error.
To avoid this error, you should to plot larger area to include geometry, if it is feasible, or switch off plotting of the geometry:
Geometry box → Use: select NO (see attached file
ele3MeV Gaussiana troncata.flair (4.3 KB)

Otherwise, everything else is OK with your project, you have no FLUKA errors, it is just Flair interface use problem.

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Thank you very much for your help, Illia! Selecting NO is the way I choose.

Kind regards,