Monte Carlo simulation brachytherapy

dear fluka experts,
I am working on the simulation of an IsoSeed S17 in Brachytherapy using Fluka/Flair, with the aim of elucidating the functions of the TG-43 formalism. i have problem with geometrec fonction ,or there is a discrepancy between the CERN data and the data from my simulation,If someone would be so kind as to correct this inp , and conditon of this simulation is “For the calculations in this study, electrons were not transported and the photon cutoff energy was set to 1keV . Rayleigh scattering, bound Compton scattering, photoelectric absorption and fluorescent emission of characteristic x rays were all simulated”.

I125S17enwaterinpyjou.inp (3.7 KB)

Hi Amine,

Before going to more substantial aspects, there are basic issues with your question

  1. There are errors in your geometry. You should not run your simulation before solving them. Please see the Geometry section of the manual or the Geometry lecture of the latest Beginner course in Brussels for more information on how to build a geometry.

  2. What are you exactly trying to do? You refer to “CERN data” → What data exactly are you talking about? What quantity does your plot describe in y (I understand that along x is the radius) ?