Multi-step calculations as an extension of two-step one

Dear FLUKA experts.
Is it possible to make calculate in such a way that I use the particles from the phase space file obtained in the first stage of the calculation as a source and save the result of the calculation as another phase space file so that they can be used again for the next stage of the calculation (extensions of procedure fluscw_TwoSteps.f and source_TwoSteps.f)?

Best regards

Dear Adam,

if I understood your question correctly, you have a phase-space file what you want to transport and create a second phase-space file. Then you want to use this second phase-space file in the second step as a source.

This is definitely doable. You only need to be careful, and stop the particles after you recorded them in the first step with a black hole region, to prevent double counting, and you need to take care of the correct normalization by hand.

You may find other tips and tricks in other threads, just use the search function of the forum.

Also, you may want to investigate the simplified source_newgen.f user routine, which allows you to import a phase-space file easily.