Need guidance to conduct my work

Dear FLUKA experts!

I hope everyone is doing well. I am just a beginner into using FLUKA and knows few about it.
Actually i want to reproduce the results and calculations performed into the paper linked

My focus is just on the simulations performed using FLUKA for 4MeV gamma beam dump. I am able to create a geometry of it and defining materials but i need guidance here for what to study more or see specific parts into the manual for other calculations like particle transport, tracking, detecting, dose rates and residual activities, scoring and biasing etc. I don’t know what cards are helpful for me for my this task.
Kindly help me from where should I start to learn things in sequence and do. Your feedback is highly appreciated.


Dear Muhammad,

you may want to have a look at the material of the latest FLUKA course: 2022 FLUKA.CERN course - Brussels (16-20 May 2022) · Indico


With due respect! @horvathd
Thanks for sharing the link of the latest FLUKA Course training material. It definitely will be of great help to me because it seems all relevant to my problem.
Have a nice day!