NET-CHRG USRBIN normalization

I filled the card USRBIN as the following:

and I got the result in the bnn.lis files:

I saw this message in the manual:NET-CHRG 242 Net charge (in units of elementary electron charge)

Two points I would like to check:
(1)To get the net charge in target1(express in Coulomb ) ,should I multiply the number -2.7733E-01 by 1.602E-19 or by 3000*1.602E-19? (No. is set 3000 in the card START)

(2)The percentage error is 0.88241%,am I right?(Althought it may be obvious, as a beginer, I need to make sure that there is no misunderstanding.)

Dear @shiqiang.pang,

it is important to keep in mind, that FLUKA results (usually) normalized to one primary particle. To get meaningful results you need to multiply this with the simulated beam’s intensity (particle/shot or particle/s).

The number of primaries used in the FLUKA simulation, doesn’t have any physical meaning, so it should not be used for further normalization.

  1. To get the total net charge in you case, you need to multiply the FLUKA result with 1.602E-19 and the real beam’s intensity.

  2. That is correct, the errors are relative to the values of the results.


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Now I understand, thanks a lot for reply.
best regards,
shiqiang pang