Neutron capture

I am simulating neutron interaction hitting a piece of lead in my fluka input, I added userdump and then I used the mgdraw file. then in the Linux terminal, I recompiled and linked. I did it before and I had expected results I got different ICODEs including 11 and 14,32. now when I change the number of events from 5 to 10000 my output just has code
example4003.out (79.4 KB)
32 which is really weird., even when I change the event number to the previous number, ICODES 11 and 14 do not appear I am not sure what is the problem, compile and link, or problem is my input file, or my mg draw file. I have attached my file.
I would appreciate it if anyone can help.
example4.inp (2.4 KB)
mgdraw.f (15.6 KB)

I have used the attached input file for neutrons hitting a piece of lead, it works well for neutrons with energies higher than 20MeV but it does not give me the expected results for Low energy neutrons do you have any idea what card I should add?
neutron_1MeV.inp (2.5 KB)