Neutron cross-section

Dear fluka experts,
I installed fluka 2021.2 and i want to consider a continuous cross-section for neutrons, i used Low_MAT and Low_Neutron cards (according to the input i uploaded) but as before it has a multi-group cross-section for neutrons, please help me.
Uneutron.inp (2.3 KB)

Dear @hajar.bagheri,

As you were already told, on this forum support is provided only for the CERN FLUKA distribution, not for other distributions.
If you want to have support here you need to have the CERN FLUKA distribution which you can find on these pages:

Dear @amario,
Is it possible to apply a continuous cross-section for neutron in the new version of fluka or not???
I can not download fluka files from this site that you sent, i became a member of this site according to the instructions, but it does not allow downloading, can you send me its files here?

Dear @hajar.bagheri,

1-As you are not a user of FLUKA CERN you will not get support on this forum

2-If you want to get support on this forum you must register on the FLUKA CERN website (whose address I sent you previously) and the be approved by administrators there.

3-Once you are approved by the administrators there, you will be able to download the files.

4-Of course I CAN NOT send you the Fluka files here as this is a blatant breach of the Fluka license. You should not ask people to do something illegal, this is usually frowned upon.

Dear Hajar,

In addition to the pertinent comments above, note that as FLUKA 4.1.1 presently stands, there is point-wise neutron transport only for selected isotopes (as far as your input is concerned, the relevant isotope is just 1H). See the manual and in particular the section for the LOW-NEUT card.

Moreover, when using built-in scoring to get neutron spectra extending below 20 MeV, the predefined group-wise binning will be applied, somewhat masking the otherwise desired continuous effect.

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