Neutron shielding problem

Dear Fluka experts,
I want to simulate the dose distribution of neutron source passing through the cement wall. Please Fluka experts help me see if my program is correct and if I need other corresponding card.
NEUTRON.flair (2.6 KB)


Dear Chai Lin,

Everything seems correct, but I would like to rise your attention to couple of points.

In the BEAM card it is not specified the size of the beam, please check the manual to see the default values. The BEAMPOS card is commented, meaning that the default position of the beam will be taken, i.e., it is centered at (0,0,0) and directed along the positive z-axis. This coordinate happened to be inside the region call WALL, is this correct for your problem? As for the scoring cards, just be sure that what you need to score is DOSE-EQ and not DOSE.