New flair and preprocessor question


Do i understand correctly that a new flair stores all the data inside flair file, and an input file is used only initially?
When i include a header file with dozens of defines it will create a standalone flair for the defines as well?

Correct. For every .inp flair uses a .flair which stores the entire input there. It saves also an *MD5 checksum so as if you change something in the input with an external editor to catch it.

If the flair file has a different name than the input e.g. A.flair -> B.inp flair will create a B.flair containing the B.inp
and A.flair will point to the B.flair

The input inside flair is pretty similar to the .inp in a free format
with the SDUM as the first (0) argument/what.

This way the flair file is self contained and it allows to have more advanced functionality not exposed to the inp. As well it makes it more flexible to include other types of cards (from other MC codes), metadata etc, export to various formats and the use of other MC codes which is under way.

Since is a new functionality please test it, keep backups and in case of any possible problem please inform us to correct it.