New FLUKA User Forum

As of December 2019, this discussion list represents the official forum for users of the FLUKA Monte Carlo code and its graphical user interface Flair, distributed by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Users are encouraged to download the latest FLUKA and Flair versions from and Support will only be provided for the latest version of the two packages, respectively.

This redesigned forum modernizes the appearance of the FLUKA discussion list and should facilitate the communication between beginners and experts. Questions and answers of the previous discussion list have not been transferred to the new list.

Questions and replies can only be posted on this website. Sending messages per email is not supported, although email notifications will be sent if a new question or reply has been posted on the list (this can, however, be disabled in the user preferences - see guidelines in the “Site Feedback and Usage” category).

Different categories were introduced to better distinguish between different topics, from the first installation of the code to advanced topics like user routines. Users are encouraged to post their question in the category which they identified as the most suitable for their problem. Moderators may reassign questions to another category if it suits better there.

The new discussion list offers a search functionality on top of the webpage. Users are encouraged to identify first if the same or a similar question has been answered previously in this forum (this may not be immediately the case as it may take a while until the forum has been populated). The search functionality is only restricted to the new list and does not return results from the old FLUKA discussion list.

Any feedback concerning the new list or any question concerning its usage can be posted under the category “Site Feedback and Usage”. Some guidelines how to use the new list can be found under the same category.

This forum will also be used to announce updates (e.g. courses) and new releases.

Kind regards,
The support team