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Dear FLUKA experts,
I am trying to run my first simulation using FluDAG. The simulation consists in an electron beam hitting a carbon tile surface designed using Cubit. Once the simulation is done, I do not have any energy deposition in the target.
A reason of this behavior could be the beam missing the target, however, trying to change the beam posiiton I don’t get any positive outcome.
I have attached here all the file that I used for the simulation and the simulation results.

Thanks for your help,
Lovepreet (33.5 KB)

Hi Lovepreet

Your underlying CAD geometry isn’t “correct” you’ve correctly assigned volumes to groups using mat:CARBON and mat:BLCKHOLE which is great. However, your carbon & blackhole region overlaps. If you use the “power tools” tab in Cubit


And then click “Analyze” you’ll see there is a volume overlap. Your graveyard/blackhole region needs to be a distinct volume which surrounds your entire geometry, but does not overlap. The way I usually do this is to create my ‘real’ geometry - the physical stuff I care about. Then make the graveyard/blackhole using the following;

create brick bounding box Volume all extended percentage 200
create brick bounding box Volume all extended percentage 1
subtract volume 4 from volume 5

Note the last two volume numbers should be the last two volumes that were created. Add that to your graveyard/blackhole. I’ve fixed the geometry for you, please see how you get on. (9.4 KB)

Incidently, the reason you see ‘nothing’ if you look at your *.err file, you’ll see all your energy is being deposited into the graveyard. This is because since your geometry is incorrect/invalid your source histories start inside the graveyard volume, since they are unambiguously contained by the graveyard.

Please try that modified file and let me know how you get on :slight_smile:




Thank you, Sir.
It has worked perfectly. Now, I will try to plot the results using Paraview following your instructions here

In case, I am not able to do so, I will be back.

Thanks for your availability