No low energy crossection for Dysprosium

Fluka is giving “No low energy crossection for Dysprosium is found” although material card is already built in defined in the fluka materials database.
Also it is not defined in LOW-MAT card also.
What can I do ??

Hi Rohit,

There is a slight confusion between materials that have their atomic/nuclear properties pre-defined in FLUKA (the list you are refering to when citing “fluka materials database”) and sets of groupwise cross sections for interactions of low-energy neutrons. These datasets exist for various materials/isotopes/temperatures but not all. The available datasets are listed in section of the manual. Dysprosium is indeed not in the list.

This groupwise treatment will be complemented in the future by a point-wise treatment capability in FLUKA. This will allow the users to choose the data libraries for their elements of interest from the ones available

Hope this clarifies the matter