No result in void region

calculations.pdf (382.7 KB) test.inp (5.5 KB)

Dear FLUKA Experts,

I am scoring the dose eq. at the external surface of the geometry defined in the input file (attached).
The scoring is done from R=1.5 to 29.5 with 28 bins. In the last bin, i.e., R=28.5 to 29.5 (void starts from 28.5), the values of dose eq. obtained is zero.

Please guide.

With regards,

Dear Jyoti,

the USRBIN scoring in your input is incomplete, the Part option is not selected. In this case FLUKA will use the default which in ENERGY (total energy density), and the deposited energy in vacuum is always zero, as the particles do not interact there.

Furthermore, the EMFCUT setting up the transport thresholds have undefined region names.