Non-elastic nuclear interactions

How to activate non-elastic nuclear interaction in FLUKA ?
I guess it is through PHYSICS card (COALESCEnce and EVAPORAT). Am I correct ?
Kindly tell me if any-other way is there ?

Thanking you in advance.

No, you are not correct. Non-elastic nuclear interactions are already activated by default in FLUKA and you do not need any card to this purpose, the only exception being photonuclear and electronuclear interactions requiring the PHOTONUC card.
(On the other hand, one can suppress non-elastic nuclear interactions, for some specific investigation purposes, by means of the THRESHOLd card).
The PHYSICS cards you mention assure a more accurate non-elastic interaction description, accounting also for light fragment (deuteron to alpha) emission in the fast stage of the reaction (COALESCE) as well as heavy fragment (up to A=24) emission in the final evaporation stage (EVAPORAT), and are mandatory in case of residual nuclei calculations. But non-elastic nuclear interactions take (reasonably) place in their absence too.