Nonsense compound card

Hi Cesc,

That does work. Thank you so much.

The other question is about the compound setting. I added the sulphur to the compound card of the stainless steel 304 as shown in the following figure.

However, when I run it, there is an error message in the .err file showing
*** Nonsense compound card, fraction 3.000000000000000E-04 of medium 32 for compound Stainles ***
*** Execution terminated ***
Can you please help check how could I correct it? Furthermore, I also will need to add phosphorus into the compositions, there is a similar error. My revised input file is tiwindow.inp (22.1 KB)
Thank you for your advice.


Dear Xi,

it seems that the sign of the ratio of Sulphur got mixed up. You can verify this in input preview window at the bottom.

To fix it, just switch the Mix to Atom, and then back to Mass.


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