Nonuniformly distributed volume source construction

Dear Experts,
I modified source.f for exponentially distributed sources. Distribution coefficient α=2 .Would like to ask an expert to help check whether it is correct?
Thank you in advance,

source.f (9.8 KB)

Dear @fengfengxu,
Nobody can tell you if what you wrote in the routine is what you want. It is up to you to check if the routine that you prepared actually does what you want it to do. Also, while the forum provides support, you cannot expect people here to follow step by step each of your projects.
Additionally, posting so many posts in such short period of time isn’t helpful, it even generates confusion if your oldest post are still relevant or not. Specifically, is this post still relevant? From other posts of yours it seems you don’t have anymore problem related to discrepancies between FLUKA and MCNP.
Please, don’t forget that everything on the forum is based on a best effort base, nobody gets paid to provide answers.

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Yes, Sir, you are right,I’ll study on my own for a while, Try to find a solution by yourself.I’m really sorry!apologize for my immaturity,Thank you, teacher!