Normalization from an histogram file

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Dear David,

Following the idea from the last paragraph you wrote, I have some questions. I also attach my spherical_shell.f file for clarity:

1.- In this particular case my variable c3 (line 187) (multiplied by some constant and deltaE) is my N value. So my normalization occurs from line 197 to line 205. Is that correct? Further clarification on this would be appreciated.

2.- If I want to make a sampling of 10,000 primary events, do I have to modify my START card in FLAIR? If no, could you clarify this for me?

Thank you in advance.

spherical_shell.f (7.3 KB)

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Dear Carlos,

  1. The normalization in your source routine look fine to me, in case of doubt you always can print the values and check by hand.

  2. Yes, you need to set the number of primaries on the START card. The source routine will be called for each primary.


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Dear David,

Your answer clarified my question.

Thank you.

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