Normalization with Multiple source

Dear expert,

I am trying to get the dose rate distribution using multiple source settings according to following post.
In the input file, scoring DOSE-EQ with USRBIN card, all the sources are sequentially equal.

* ..+....1....+....2....+....3....+....4....+....5....+....6....+....7....+....8
SPECSOUR          6.        2.                                        BEAMSPOT

My question is:
1.What’s the unit in output file, still pSv/primary?
2. Should i multiply the total source numbers to get final dose distribution? Or the result is exactly the final dose distributuion?

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Dear Honghu,

  1. Using the SPECSOUR card with BEAMSPOT option does not change the unit of quantities, so DOSE_EQ is still [pSv/primary].

  2. Yes, you need to multiply the results with the total intensity of all your beams.


Dear David,

Thanks for your reply!
So if all beam intensity are equal, I need to normalize the result with this :
result * number of sources * beam intensity.

Dear Honghu,

yes, that is correct.