Not running file:error code 12

Dear fluka users and experts,
i want to run a simulation where i want to calculate the equivalent dose in a room with air inside,and also the absorbed dose and dpa in the small tube of aluminium ,but it does not run.i want to run it first for the first “if”(energy 0.3Gev electron beam)so ignore the rest
i attach here my flair file as well as .err and .out files
with_tube.flair (4.0 KB)
inj001.err (111.6 KB)
inj.inp (4.3 KB)
inj.out (547 Bytes)
inj001.err (111.6 KB)
design00001_run077_001.log (162 Bytes)
inj001.out (71.4 KB)

im waiting forward for your reply

Dear Artemis,

If you look at the end of inj001.out file you can see that the error is due to the region definition of the room.
You can find the corrected input attached to this message.

Have a nice day,
with_tube.flair (4.2 KB)