Not visible geometry items

Dear fluka users,
I simulate dose equivalent inside a room which is separated in two parts by 2 walls (w1,w2 in the simulation)with an opening between them(could be a door).i defined region wall as the union of the outer wall of the room with these 2 walls.These walls are not visible in the geometry viewer,but in the plots of dose equivalent it seems like they exist,as it is shown in the following pics.

I cant see the reason why that happens.could you give me an explanation?
i attach my flair file.
calib.flair (3.1 KB)

thank you in advance!

Dear Artemis,

This is how I visualize your geometry in FLAIR. Do you refer to the region highlighted in pink?

It might be that when you open the geometry tab you are not taking the right projections, check the values of the x,y,z shown in the image for instance.

Is this your problem?

A side comment: you are defining twice the ASSIGNMA card for the wall region at line 6 and 81 of your FLAIR file: