Nuclear reaction channels

Hi. For investigation of concrete channels of reaction neutron+63Cu I use the following .inp and mgdraw.f files. But after finishing of calculation there doesn’t appear fort.72 file. What is the problem ?

photonuc.inp (1.1 KB)
mgdraw.f (10.2 KB)

Apart from the fact that the mgdraw routine was written to filter photon (JTRACK.EQ.7) induced reactions, this investigation approach cannot work for low energy (< 20 MeV) neutron reactions, since in the FLUKA multigroup treatment that applies to them no secondary particle is explicitly generated except neutrons and gammas.

What is there necessary do to for investigation of neutron+Cu64 reaction different channels for low energy neutrons ?

It’s just not possible, since the multigroup treatment does not allow one to do so.