Number of optiphot with 1D project are just PROD's lambda-i?

Dear FLUKA expert,
I use USRBIN(PART is optiphot) and get its 1D projection,does the number is to optical photon of lambda-i or all the optical photon?

Dear @xiongbp,

Fluka scores “all optical photons”. What does “all” mean?
Remember that Fluka simulates optical photons only when requested. In order to do so, it requires to be provided, as input, the wavelengths of the optical photons to be simulated. These wavelength can be shifted, as you have seen in Optical photon production and transport. The photons with shifted wavelengths would be scored as well.
Summarizing, all photons means all photons having the wavelengths you provided in input plus all those having wavelengths as you “shifted”.

Dear@amario ,
I am not remember it clearly,there are a screenshot below.I want to know the plot diagram’s data is about “lambda-i” or “lambda-min” to “lambda-max”.

Can you please share your flair project?

The attachment is my file.
mix.flair (3.4 KB)
By the way,at "xxx_plot.dat"file,what is the last vertical line value represent?

The last column in your .dat file indicate the statistical uncertainty in percent.

Now that I see your flair project, I struggle to understand your question in the previous post.
Could you please clarify what you want to know?

Please just see the third flour of picture2,The optical photons’ fluence is start about 500,I want to know this value is for all photons from lambda-min to lambda-max or just photons of lambda-i.

Dear @xiongbp,
In general, the plot would contain all photons between lambda_min and lambda_max, but in your specific case, as there is only lambda_i, only those would be counted.
Additionally, don’t forget that the plot doesn’t indicate the number of photons but the photon fluence per cm-squared.

Dear@amario ,
I am sorry for late.
For my case,how to count all photons between lambda_min and lambda_max?

As I have written in my previous post, that is given in the plot in term of fluence.

I am not understand it clearly.
You say my file will get photon of lambda-i,but in general the plot will get between lambda-min and lambda-max,what is difference between my file and general file?if I want to get the latter one ,how to change my file?

Optical photons are not generated by FLUKA automatically, differently from any other particle resulting from other kinds of interactions, but require the user to define the relevant processes by means of input cards (and user routines). In your input you have asked, by means of OPT-PROD, for the generation of scintillation light (i.e. optical photons) with a given wavelength lambda-i, so you will get (and score) those only.

Dear@ceruttif ,
That is to say ,if I let lambda-i blank and fraction=all the scintillation energy/deposited energy,I will get all the optical photons?

No, see note 4.