Number of processed DETECT cards

Dear Fluka experts,

While calculating the energy deposition in a detector, I’ve faced a problem: by default Fluka doesn’t allow to use DETECT card fore than 20 times. If i place 100 DETECT cards for various regions into input file, the output file will have the information only about first 20 detectors. Is there any way to increase the number of processed DETECT cards?

Thank you in advance

Hello Alexy,

Indeed, there’s a hard limit of 20 DETECT cards (changing it requires recompiling several routines).

What are you trying to do exactly? Do you really need the DETECT card’s coincidence/anticoincidence functionality?


Dear @cesc,

I’m trying to model CdTe detector. Because of charge trapping the output signal of the model must be multiplied by the Hecht factor, which depends on depth of interaction. I’ve already tried to use comscw.f user routine, but it gives disagreement with measured spectra. Now I’m trying to divide detector into layers (namely 100 layers) and calculate detector response with DETECT card for each depth layer. I’ve made a program on Python that creates 10 separate files with 10 DETECT cards each, but this is very inconvenient and consumes more time with respect to one single file. I wonder, maybe there is a chance to increase the number of DETECT cards in a single file?

Ciao Alexy,

Sorry for the late reply.

You could try with the EVENTBIN card: it offers you all the grid
functionalities of USRBIN (so you should have no problem with your
intended “layers”), with the benefit of event-by-event scoring.