Obtain the correct irradiation activity

Dear experts

I would like to ask a question about irradiation time. Below is my result and the explanation in the manual. I followed the manual, but did not get the correct activity and beam intensity for the irradiation time
840S.lis (11.6 KB)
0S.lis (11.6 KB)
-280S.lis (11.6 KB)
-480S.lis (11.6 KB)
Beam intensity

Could you please give me the solutions to these two mistakes? I am looking forward to your early reply!


My model is carbon ions bombarding a copper target.If I understand the manual correctly, the activity of -280S is greater than that of -480S!but my result is the opposite.

What’s the meaning of the second time interval of 3720 s in your IRRPROFI card with no beam? This sets the end of the irradiation after 600+3720=4320 s, while in fact your irradiation only lasted 600 s. That’s why the activity at 4320-480=3840 s is legitimately larger than at 4320-280=4040 s, because during the 200 s in between there was no beam, just decay.