Obtain yields of stable isotopes after RADDECAY and DCYSCORE


I have done a simulation with a reaction of heavy ions on a target of another heavy material. I use IRRPROFI and RADDECAY to DCYSCORE RESNUCLEI after DCYTIMES.
The output contains all the radioactive isotopes. Is there a way to also get the chemical makeup of the stable isotopes (say in micro-grams) at the end of the decay chains?


Dear Batman19,

this quantity is not provided out-of-the-box by FLUKA. Associating a RESNUCLE scoring with a decay time yields activities, i.e. it is only meaningful/interesting for radionuclides.

You could score RESNUCLE without association to a decay time. This will give you the production yield (nuclides per primary) for all nuclides, including stable nuclides. From then you would have to compute (outside FLUKA) the build-up and decay of the decay chains and the resulting accumulation of the stable nuclides.

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Thank you, Robert, for your reply!

Marius F