OPT-PROD setting

Dear FLUKA expert,
1, For this card,there are many SDUMs and some have the same meaning,for example,CEREN–WV could convert to CEREN–OM,so I choose either one is OK? And I should use more cards to define different meaning of SDUM?
2,It is said that “only monochromatic photons are considered for the moment, with a maximum of
i = 3 different lines. The lines can be defined repeating i times the OPT–PROD card with SDUM = SCINTILL”.does it means the card can not record Continuous wavelength,I should use the card 3 times to record 3 kind of wavelength?

Dear Xiong,

  1. The difference between CEREN-WV and CEREN-OM is in the way you would like to describe Cherenkov production - in case of CEREN-WV you desribe it using wavelegth, in case of CEREN-OM you desribe it using angular frequency. Should you need more parameters to be set using the OPT-PROD card (such as scintillation light production), it is possible to use multiple of these.

  2. For scintillation light production, it is possible to have maximum of 3 monochromatic lines, no continious spectrum. In order to have these, it is necessary to use the OPT-PROD card 3 times.

I hope this helps

Dear Vojtěch,
Thank you for your reply.
The second question,use the card 3 times just have 9 monochromatic lines,it still can’t record continuous spectrum,does it right?
For example,ZnS(Ag) generate optical photon at emission spectrum 400~560nm,does it means if I want to record optical photon as much as possible ,I should use the card as many times as possible?

Dear Xiong,
when simulating scintillation light using the OPT-PROD card (multiple times) you can only define 3 monochromatic lines, no more. Therefore, you cannot simulate a continious spectrum, neither can you simulate more than 3 lines, no matter how many OPT-PROD cards you use.

My suggestion would be to simulate only one monochromatic line with wavelength equal to the emission spectrum maximum.

Kind regards

Dear Vojtěch,
I understand it,thank you very much!