Particle single step information

Dear Fluka experts,

I’m trying to model the transportation of the photon particle through the detector. I need to know the exact coordinates of the particle during each step. I’ve tried to get them through comscw.f routine, but it can offer only XTrack, YTrack, ZTrack variables which as far as I understand don’t provide the coordinate of each step, but the coordinate of the track, which is an average of the number of steps. Can someone, please, tell me, how to get the coordinates of the particle during individual step?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Alexy,
sorry for letting this pend for a while. The mgdraw.f user routine is designed to your purposes, please take a look at the chapter 11 of the manual. Note that the default version of the routine prints quite a bit of info in a binary file (whose size is going to explode as a function of the number of histories and their complexity), you may prefer to print instead in a formatted file a selected subset of data of your interest. The relevant variables are described in the aforementioned manual chapter.

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