Pause simulation

Hi, out of curiosity is it possible to pause a simulation, perhaps turn the PC off or standby it if needed, and then run the simulation later (e.g., the day after) from the point it had been paused?
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Dear Enrico,

FLUKA doesn’t have a built in feature of pause, but you can gracefully stop the run if you create an empty file in the flukla_xxxx temporary folder called rfluka.stop. Then you can continue the simulation from the next cycle at a later time.

Alternatively, you may try to pause the linux process associated with the FLUKA executable using: bash - How to suspend and resume processes - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange, and then put your PC into stand-by or hibernate it. Please note, that I did not test this option, and may not work at the end.



Dear David,

thank you for your kind reply. Here is a test I did.

After the first 2 cycles were completed, I created in Windows a rfluka.stop file in the fluka_xxxx temporary folder (WSL under Windows here). After a while, the fluka_xxx folder disappeared, the progress bars in the Run tab became grey (no progress going on) but the Status was still flagged as “Running”. Then, after say about less than a minute, the status became “TIMED OUT” in purple colour. By clicking directly on Start, the simulation restarts form the first cycle.

Doing again the whole process till the “TIMED OUT” message, if I click the Continue button nothing happens, unless I click Start. The simulations restarts after an “Attaching” message in yellow, but it seems the cycles are increased form 5 to 8. On the other hand, if I click the Attach button instead of the Continue one and then I clik Start, the simulation restarts from cycle 1 after an “Attaching” message in yellow.

Practically, I’ve not understood how to continue the simulation from the next cycle.

Thank you again and kind regards,