Pet scan simulation

Good morning every FLUKA researches
I need your help
I want to model and simulate a PET scan for example Ecat_Exact the standard examples existed in flair folder. How i can define some parameter as energy, number of event, activity.
when I run the example I get this error without finished the simulation:
***** Start_transform directive with ununderstandable name/numder, execution terminated *** **
$start_transform 0.0 -pet002
I get the same error with other pet scan existed in the folder
Also how to plot the results obtained because I get many outputfile
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I’m afraid I don’t know which example you are referring to.
But the error that you see seems to come from the fact that in your input you refer to a transformation matrix called pet002 which is not or rather incorrectly defined.

Please have a look at
The $start_transform statement should only have one parameter (= the name of the transformation matrix) and not two.



unfortunately flair was generating the wrong number of variables in the $start_transform cards.
I’ve just corrected it in the development version and I will release it in the next days.
In the mean time, open the input file with a text editor of your choice and delete the 0.0 from all the $start_transform cards