Photo-neutron cross sections of FLUKA

Dear FLUKA Experts,

How can I extract the photo-neutron cross sections of the beryllium and deuterium from the FLUKA?
I mean, I need the photo-neutron cross sections of the beryllium and deuterium that the FLUKA use.

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Hi Mustafa,

you can obtain values of the photo-nuclear scattering lengths in the output file.

When you run a simulation with a PHOTON beam, and include the PHOTONUC card (specifying that it should apply to all materials), FLUKA produces, a summary of the scattering lengths for PHOTONs at the energy you specified in the input. This is under the section Material compositions of the output file.

Beryllium is readily available as is it pre-defined in FLUKA. However, you will need to define deuterium with a MATERIAL card as it is not present by default.

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Hi Philippe,

Thank you for your reply. I found what you say but it is not exactly what I am looking for. As you know, In the MCNP code, we could plot the cross sections of a specific interaction for a material or an isotope for a specific energy range. I want to know If the FLUKA has such an ability or not. In fact, does the user have access to the cross sections that the FLUKA uses?

However, I need to know what library (ENDF, JEFF, or what else) FLUKA uses for the cross sections of photo-neutron. Can you specify a reference for it?


No, in relation to the second answer below. However, as Philippe explained, you can easily retrieve reaction cross sections for beam particles (at beam energy) from the inelastic scattering length table in the output file. See also Microscopic cross section.

FLUKA uses its own library for photonuclear reaction cross sections, see Then, the sharing of the latter between available channels is performed by FLUKA interaction models.

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Thank you, Francesco and Philippe.

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