Photon generate after wavelength shift

Dear @blefebvre ,
My question maybe a little complex, please see the file.
M.inp (3.7 KB)
r-wvl.f (2.9 KB)
My question is

  1. Why the photons after wavelength convert is so small(in “M_23_tab.lis”,the bigger one is without convert, the smaller one is after convert), I have set “PRO=0.0D+0.0” in wvlnsh.f, that is to say every photon in the fiber will be convert, but it seems not.
    M_23_tab.lis (930 Bytes)

This question is very important to my work, and I implore experts to help answer it

The conversion rate depends in the first place on the absorption coefficient you set for the POLYSTYR material, where the wavelength shift takes place (a higher coefficient will increase the converted fraction).

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