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Dear Fluka Experts,

When I used the USRBIN card and USRCOLL for calculation, I have the final data result. However, I do not know how I should comment on the results. That is to say, I couldn’t understand what values the axes correspond to. For example, which value do X-axis, Y-axis or Z-axis refer to? How can I understand?

Could you help me, please? I would be glad if you let me know what should I provide and add also?

My flair is attached.

try2.flair (2.1 KB)

Thank you for your help in advance.

Dear Ezgi,
USRBIN and USRCOLL are quite configurable scoring cards, so output may vary depending on what physical quantity and where you want to score. For the general overview I would suggest you to refer to
Scoring in FLUKA presentations at official FLUKA.CERN web pages

In your particular case, the USRBINN card will provide a data for the 3D intensity (colorbar) plot in cylindric axis (type: settings) with linear dimensions in [cm] units and angular in [deg]. Intensity values for the energy (part.: settings) will be GeV/cm^3/primary. You may plot 2D colormap plot using basic Flair capabilities using Plot->USRBIN. Projection axis can be selected in the plotting settings.

For your USRCOLL estimator, you will provide data for the collision density of neurons multiplied by the detector volume [cm^3] binned over the energy range and normilized to the number of primaries. In this case exact energy units and binning of the collision density will depends on the plotting setting. You can choose Plot->USR-1D option.

You also can check FLUKA physical units for each physical quantity in the manual:

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Thank you very much for your help. I started learning how to interpret graphs.

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