Plotting particle track in Flair

Dear experts,
I wonder how I get the attached image of the reaction process.This image is from the PDF of the online course.
I am currently using the old version of FLUKA 4-0.1 and flair 3.1-4. I want to know whether the latest version of flair 3.1-10 and FLUKA 4-1.1 have the function to get this image? If so, I have to update it. I also want to know the general steps.

Dear @luo.luo,

please keep your FLUKA and Flair installation always up to date, as support only provided for the latest releases.

To create the trajectory plot, you need to add an USERDUMP card to your simulation, run it with a low number of primaries.

When it finished, you need to create a new layer on the Geometry window, with the Userdump option. See:

More explanation in the Flair manual: F4.13} Layers.

Finally here is an example Flair project file: track.flair (1.6 KB)


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