Position and yield ratio of the positron decay nuclide produced in heavy ion therapy

Dear Fluka Expert,

I would like to simulate the process of heavy ion therapy, inject C ion into PMMA target, and record the position and yield ratio of the positron decay nuclide produced. How should I set up the score card? Thank you in advance

Dear @akimikko

If knowing the position and yield of the produced positron emitters in a binned region is good enough, you could use the USRBIN card with ACTIVITY as particle type and then select the isotope you want (probably C-11, N-13 and O-15) with the AUXSCORE card for that USRBIN detector. If, however, you want the location of each isotope that is produced I guess you have to write a MGDRAW routine. Depending on what you want, you might also want to specify the irradiation and decay time the the IRRPROFI and DCYTIMES cards and then add a DCYSCORE card for the USRBIN card.


Thank you for your reply. I set USRBIN card with ACTIVITY as particle type according to your method, but the output plot result was all zero. Could you please help me to check the reason?The inp file is in the attachment.
c12.inp (1.9 KB)

Dear @akimikko,

in order to effectively score residual activity you need to request the simulation of radioactive decays with the REDDACY card. You will then need to associate each ACTIVITY scoring card to a cooling time (semi analogue to have the yield per unit primary)

You also need to activate the coalescence treatment and the evaporation of heavy fragments: since the evaporation of heavy fragments produces deuterons and these need to be transported, you need to compile the executable linking against RQMD and DPMJET.

To have a complete overview, you can have a look at the FLUKA manual or at the slides slides of the last completed course (https://indico.cern.ch/event/955105/contributions/4013363/attachments/2111302/3551533/15_Activation_2020_online.pdf)

Please have a look and in case of any question let us know.

That’s very kind of you. Thank you for your help, Davide. Now I understand the problem.