Possible bug present in geometry error tab

Dear experts,

I was creating a HpGe detector geometry in fluka. I am sure there is no geometry error. But in the Errors tab under Green , it is showing number 1, when I am trying to expand it, it is not showing any region error. Also please note that under Input , errors is showing 0. Is this due to any bug ? Will this create any trouble while running ? please see the attached image. If needed, I can send my input file privately.

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Hi @riya
could you send me the flair/input so I can check?

Hi @riya the error is not a real geometry but rather flair complaining on the “Green” 3D plot.
The camera/extends are including in the plot the space outside your blackhole and flair complains that this space is undefined.
If you zoom in the 3D plot the error message will disappear or alternative you can set to the blackhole sphere a bigger radius

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Thank you so much.