Possible Flair Bug in latest update

I am using Flair version 3.1-12. There seems to have been a bug introduced in the latest version of flair, as I did not have this issue running the previous version.

My .flair file as a number of #defines for constants. When flair produces the .inp file, the #define lines are in the file, but they do not appear were they are used inthe file. For example, my flair file has:

#define N_DX25A =DX25A0*cos(RotAngleRad)+DZ25A0*sin(RotAngleRad)
#define N_DZ25A =-DX25A0*sin(RotAngleRad)+DZ25A0*cos(RotAngleRad)

*25A - Transformations
ROT-DEFI rwdr25A 200.,, =Angle25A*180/pi
ROT-DEFI rwdr25A 200,,, =N_DX25A,, =N_DZ25A

The input file has:

#define N_DZ25A -9909.389186220073

(which is correct)…

ROT-DEFI        200.           -62.05605                              rwdr25A
ROT-DEFI        200.                                                  rwdr25A

All of the defines are like this.FullWall.flair (763.5 KB) foo.inp (539.0 KB)

Thanks @ray for reporting.
Indeed this is a bug introduced recently in 3.1-12 as a fix for some other problem.
I’ve just pushed on the web a new release 3.1-13 that is fixing this problem.

Thanks for the quick response @Vasilis.
Much appreciated!

BTW very nice geometry :slight_smile:

Thanks. I can’t take all of the credit. It started with a colleague’s model, and he is still contributing to it. Frankly we were concerned if fluka would take it all in - and obviously it does.

Goes to show the value of the beginner’s course!

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