Possible Flair Bug

FLUKA team,

I think I have found a bug in flair when using flair 3.1-7 with the card function.
I have seen it with RPP’s and ROT-DEFI’s.
The following image is the flair screenshot of the correct flair line.

Then after saving the flair file, quiting, and relaoding the flair file, I see the following:

You see that what.6 becomes what.7 . The what.4 is the same. The text of the line when the error appears is:
ROT-DEFI LINend 200, 0 ‘=-3532.36419588inch+card(point,LIN_end,1)’, '=1146.131inch+card(point,LIN_end,3)’

Saving,quitting, and reloading, and the what.7 becomes what.8 and an extra comma apprears

If I put a 0 in for the y coordinate instead of leave it blank, it seems to solve the problem.

Thank you @rfliller3
indeed there is a problem in the parsing we are working on it.

Your temporary solution of filling the y coordinate is perfect for the moment.
The bug fix will appear in the next flair respin