Post-processing Fluka outputs w/o flair

Hi, I am in the process of running the fluka input files on cluster. I understand that you can post-process them with the executables using command line. Will they generate the data files or only the _tab.lis file? I need the spectra for individual detectors (for angular and spatial binning) in raw data format so that I can plot them better with python and compare the data that I got from PHITS. Basically looking for a way to get files that gives Energy vs flux data for each angular bin the same way PHITS tallies generate.

Dear @Rajarshi,

Post-processing can be done via command line. Have a look at slide 11 from the scoring lecture and search in the manual and on the forum to find out more about the post-processing programs.
Since you’re talking about spectra, it is not clear to me what the difference would be between a _tab.lis file and a data file, being the former just one type of data file.

Thank you. I meant to ask how can I access the raw data of the _tab.lis file?

The _tab.lis file is a normal text file that you can open at your own pleasure in any text editor (or visualizer) and process with whichever tool you want (e.g. bash, python, C, etc…).