Preprocessor BEAMPOS

Dear Fluka Experts,
I’m wondering if I can add preprocessor cards to make my input run exactly the same but just with the beam position changing.
It’s possible? If yes, how?
Thank you very much.

Dear @victoria.rapos,

Please, have a look at the lecture on preprocessor instructions (from slide 24 onward) from the last Fluka course.

Thanks for the answer. Is there any routine that can calculate the input varying BEAMPOS?

Could you please clarify what you have in mind?

Sorry for the lack of details. I wonder if I can simulate a beam of protons hitting a cell at (0, 0, -0.0004) and if I can prepare the input so that, as soon as I finish the simulation with the beam coming from this direction, the beam changes position.
For example:
Start the beam at x=0, y=0 and z=-0.0004 and prepare a routine for the simulation to run again without having to make another input with just the different beam direction.
It’s possible?
I hope I clarified, thank you!

You can use preprocessor instruction #define and #if to setup different inputs from the same basic one. It is explained in the preprocessor lecture and in the flair intro lecture (slides on the Run tab).