Print the information of the .vxl file in RT plan

Dear FLUKA experts,

I have successfully imported a DICOM file, and the .vxl file is generated.
I’d like to check the information of the .vxl file.
Is it possible to decode the .vxl file?
What dose this file contain? Such as HU values, density, e-density, material information…?
Moreover, if I simulate only one particle, is it possible to print the above information of the material in the particle track?

Hi @kwlibuaa
unfortunately there is no utility available to print the decoding of the voxel file.
The description of the basic voxel format can be found on the manual 8.3. Voxel Geometry — FLUKA Manual
which explains how to create it. With some modifications and if you invert the statements from WRITE to READ you could decode a basic voxel.

By basic I mean without the additional RTSTRUCT and neither the embedded cards information.

The enhanced voxel format with the RTSTRUCTures is far more complicated having a compressed dictionary of structure combinations, therefore is a fairly complicated topic for a user to manipulate manually. knows how to write/read these voxel files, you can use the fluka/ to make a small python script that loads the voxel and then dump the information you need